Secret 5 healthy habits Can be created by ourselves

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Secret 5 healthy habits Can be created by ourselves

Good health doesn’t have to be built on grand habits. But small, simple behaviors that we make into habits can create good health, such as drinking water after waking up or chewing food thoroughly before swallowing. Seeking a way to good health It is a culture that all peoples have in common. And did you know that for China? There is a kind of science called ‘Yang Sheng’ which means holistic health care. It is not only aimed at treating disease because the word nourishment. Yang Sheng is therefore a science for nourishing life, both physical and mental, to be strong.

That good health What can be created with a few small habits?

1. Don’t let your head get cold.

When having to go out in the early morning or a cold day Keep your head warm. by wearing a hat This is because morning is the starting time for ufabet Yang energy, which rises to the top of the human body and gathers around the head. If you don’t warm your head in the morning, it can cause cold-related illnesses.

2. Avoid staying in cold places for a long time.

A healthy body must balance both yin and yang energies. But staying in a room that is cool and humid for a long time, such as a dark room with healthy habits the air conditioner on for a long time, or sitting in wet areas for long periods of time It will cause the Yang energy to be unbalanced. Because it was too cold and humid. Therefore, you should open the window to let in some light sunlight. Shining into the room

3. Change clothes as soon as they are soaked with sweat.

When you feel that your body is soaked in sweat that your clothes are wet. Hurry and change clothes immediately. Because in low temperature weather healthy habits Will cause the pores to open wide. which is more easily exposed to diseases from outside Not only moisture from sweat But getting wet from water droplets, such as clothes that are wet from rain Even if it is just slightly damp, it should be changed.

4. Do not wear clothes that have been dried in the sun.

Too cold puts the body at risk of disease. So is the heat. Do not wear clothes that have been dried in the sun immediately. You should wait for the cloth to cool down before wearing it. Because clothes that have been heated by intense sunlight There will be hot poison accumulated in the fabric.

5. Avoid turning on lights or lighting lamps while sleeping.

While we sleep, our bodies are open to Yin energy. Turning on lights, whether it be natural light or or light from a light bulb including light from various screens which was not closed properly It will disturb the state in which the body is receptive to energy. It affects the mind while sleeping. and affect the quality of sleep

                    You can see that these 5 small habits in daily life They are all related to the environment in our daily lives, including temperature, air, and light. Which we can easily adjust within our homes. It also has a huge impact on our health. And it’s not just good for the body. But it also involves having the right mind and emotions.