Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid 1-0.

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Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 in La Liga with red cards for each side. At Estadio Cbitas Metropolitano It’s a big match of the La Liga football arena. Where Bear Brand opens the house against Azul Grana.

Playing until the 22nd minute. Barca took a 1-0 lead. Pedri broke through the home players from the middle. And left it for Gabi to sign out Usman Dembele shot into the net.

Atletico Madrid tried to find a rhythm to recapture. In the 33rd minute. Nauel Molina opened for Jose Maria Chimenez to strike. But the ball was out of frame.

Then, 4 minutes later, Roji Blanco came again, this time through Nauel Molina, shooting in the penalty area, but the ball still did not hit the target.

The home team continues to fight. In the 42nd minute, Antoine Griezmann breaks through himself, but the rhythm of pressing with the left does not pass Ter Stegen UFABET 

In the second half, in the 62nd minute, Boon threw almost another ball, Jules Gunde, long for Usman Dembele to shoot, but unfortunately the ball wiped the outside pole.

The game was often stopped because the home players were frustrated and often showed dissatisfaction, but still found the opportunity to equalize.

In added time, there was a red card for each side when Stefan Savic went to punch Fraran Torres to the point of locking the neck and using force, so both were expelled.

After that, the home team missed the opportunity to equalize the most. Antoine Griezmann charged in front of the goal and sent the ball past Ter Stegen, but Ronald Arauho blocked it off the line.

At the end of the game. Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 taking the lead over Real Madrid by 3 points, while Atletico held fifth.