Napoli beating Sampdoria 2-0 to hold the crowd tight

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Napoli bounced back to winning ways by beating Sampdoria 2-0 in Serie A on Sunday. Ready to leave Juventus 7 points again.

Starting the game just 7 minutes. Napoli received a penalty first from the moment when the Czech referee decreed that Nicola Murrou had fouled Andre-Frank Anguissa in the penalty area. Teo Politano took over. But his shot was saved by Emil Udero. 

Sampdoria was almost in the 14th minute from the rhythm of collecting two rows in front of Valerio Verre’s penalty area, who pressed with full force on the left, Alex Meret had to fly before the ball entered the triangle. And from the moment of the corner kick. The formula Bram Nuiting went up to strike Meret, his leg was dead, but the ball fell a little off the post.

Napoli responded two minutes later. Giovanni Di Lorenzo crossed the ball from the right into the penalty area, Victor Osimhen headed in. The ball went under the crossbar, but Emil Udero narrowly blocked it.

The visiting team led 1-0 until in the 20th minute. Elif Elmas dropped the ball into the penalty area to Victor Osimen, hitting the right with a great UFABET

Napoli almost got it again in the 31st minute, Kwicha Kvartskalia. Falling up to the left before raising Chi into the penalty area inside and shooting with the right But the ball flew over the crossbar behind it.

The home side’s situation worsened in the 38th minute when there were 10 players left after Thomas Rincon made a violent dive into Victor Osimhen, who was pulling the ball into the penalty area. The referee immediately drew a red card and fired. Before the end of the first half, Napoli led 1-0.

The second half, in the 52nd minute.

Napoli had a chance to win first from a corner kick at Matteo Politano, allowing Giovanni Di Lorenzo to head the first post but not into the frame. 

Entering the 63rd minute, Napoli adjusted the offensive game, hoping to score a second goal by removing Kwicha Kwaratskellia and Matteo Politano, ready to send Piotr Zilinski and Eir. Ran Lozano comes on instead. 

Two minutes later, Napoli almost came from the rhythm of the penalty area of ​​Stanislav Lobotka, who hit the right side with full force. But the ball did not go into the frame and Lobotka fired again in the 68th minute, this time straight to Emil Udero.

At the end of the game in the 82nd minute. Napoli again received a penalty from Ronaldo Vieira’s handball stroke. Before Elif Elmas took the task of shooting under the crossbar, giving the team a 2-0 lead.

After that, without a goal, Napoli ended the game with a 2-0 win over Sampdoria. Increasing their score to 44 points, holding the crowd seven points ahead of Juventus.