Pep: Chelsea has to give Gram Potter time to work.

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has suggested Chelsea should be given more time to work with Gram Potter. After only his first year in charge.

The Blues boss is under intense pressure after his poor performances in the league. Recently, it was attacked by “Sailboat” demolished 0-4 eliminated in the FA Cup football round.

Asked about Gram Potter after the game. Pep said: “I’ll tell Todd Bohly it’s nice to meet you, but give [Potter] time big club. But I would say give him time.

“I think the second half for who he was and what he did at Brighton was brilliant. Every manager needs time and he is the right one, [manager] needs time in the first year UFABET

“I did well in Barcelona in the first year but we have Messi so one season is enough. But yes everyone is an idiot [in football management] today against Man City at a level. Where Being in the Carabao Cup or the FA Cup is not an easy task, not for Graeme, Chelsea or any team.

” Cup and in this competition (FA Cup) it’s not easy for Graham Potter, not just for a team like Chelsea. But so are the other teams.”