Potter opens up after Chelsea devastating defeat to the FA Cup.

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Chelsea manager Graeme Potter has opened up about. The recent defeat to Manchester City that halted the FA Cup run.

Chelsea were knocked out of another cup competition after they were thrashed 4-0 by Manchester City in the FA Cup third round on Sunday. Causing him to lose against the Blue Sailboat for the 3rd time out of every cup this season UFABET 

Potter said, “This is probably the worst competitor you can face when things are going right. Not as good as I hoped because they could make it look like they weren’t trying.

“They took up the entire pitch. in possession of the ball And it gives you the difficult task of putting some pressure on them.” 

“I didn’t experience any bad attitude. And I think there’s support in the dressing room as always. We are going through bad times. and sometimes you have these moments. You want to blame someone blame something. And I can understand where those questions come from.”

If Pep Guardiola can lead the team to beat Liverpool at Anfield It would be even more depressing for the whole league. The Blues will be more confident and gain an advantage over other opponents. Much more because of Liverpool’s home game or one of the most difficult programs for any team.